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Weekly Movie News 1/1/2020-1/7/2020


The past week has been filled with goodies for movie fans! From trailers, to broken records this week has it all. Find out what went on this week in Hollywood below.

Let's get to the fun stuff first. Two new trailers dropped this week!

A Quiet Place: Part 2

This trailer is awesome! It looks like we are expanding exponentially from the last movie and are going to get to see more monsters. My only concern is that it looks like the decision was made to have flashbacks in the movie, which I'm not usually fond of, however there are always exceptions so I will keep an open mind going into it. Let me know what you thought of the trailer in the comments!


X-Men: New Mutants

Also a horror film, New Mutants is the last film in the Fox history of X-Men movies. Marvel owns them now, and with the drama surrounding this movie, its a surprise that its even coming out at all. However, the new trailer is here, and we finally get a look at this movie which releases in April of this year. And you know what, it's actually a good trailer! It has solid pacing and keeps me on the edge of my toes, and it looks like they really focused on making this a horror movie first and a comic book movie second, which is wonderful. Don't get me wrong, the movie may still be a aberrational mess, but the job of a trailer is take your excitement level, wherever its at, and raise it up a notch. And this trailer did that. I went from not looking forward to this movie at all, to now actually excited to see it. April 2020, we'll see you then.

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Next, we find out that Batman starring Robert Pattinson has begun shooting!

Source: Batman Is Filming Now

Though there's not much here beyond the initial excitement, its always good when there is tangiblization. That feeling when something becomes more real, more tangible. This is happening, people! A new Batman is coming!


The golden globes happened, I don't really care because the globes aren't worth anything in terms of accolades, but bravo for them. If you'd like to read about it, click HERE


There have been a few other tidbits of news, such as Rian Johnson is already working on a script for Knives Out 2, Frozen 2 becomes the highest grossing animated film in history (which isn't actually true because the newly made lion king made more money, and that Christian Bale is in serious talks to become part of Thor: Love and Thunder. Yes you heard that right, Batman v. Thor.


If you'd like to follow movie news, be sure to follow reputable companies such as The Hollywood Reporter, Indiewire, Variety, and Deadline. Always be sure to fact check and go to the source.

Until next week my adoring public.

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