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Movie News 12/24/19-12/31/19

Greetings my adoring public!

Welcome to the first ever Weekly Movie News! Each week, we will cover top stories in Hollywood and I will give my thoughts on them. Feel free to give your own thoughts in the comment section!


Cats reissue Movie with updated special effects.

After its release, Cats got pandered by the critics and fans alike, gaining a dismal 19% on rotten tomatoes. A week later, the studio issued new version of the film to the theatre’s claiming to have updated digital affects, particularly in the appearance of the fur on the characters.

I don’t believe this to have been a cost-effective move, nor did it add any value to the movie itself. If nothing more, it added drama to the fire and kept it alive in the public eye for a little longer. Though I see most movies, this one I’ve decided to pass on, so I cannot comment on the quality of the VFX or how changing it might have led to the studio thinking it would make more money, however, on premise alone I don’t believe this was a good idea.

Read the full story from Variety here:


Ryan Reynolds confirms Deadpool 3 is in development.

In a not so surprising turn of events, Ryan Reynolds appearing on a holiday talk show, revealed that him and Marvel studios are hard at work on creating a Deadpool 3. This comes as no surprise, however with no word on this project for over a year, it is nice to hear that the cogs are still moving. Here’s to hoping that they keep Deadpool rated R.



Travis Knight leaves Sony’s Uncharted film.

It’s been well known that Video Game movies are the butt end of a joke in Hollywood. But that doesn’t stop Sony from wanting to make their own successful genre film. And who blames them? With the popularity that Uncharted has in the gaming community and the clear translation from controller to screen, it’s a bankable cause.

In 2017, Tom Holland was cast as Nathan Drake, the main character in the Uncharted franchise, and yet we are no closer to getting this movie than we were then. First director attached to the film was Shawn Levy, producer and director of Stranger Things. 2nd to leave was Dan Trachtenberg, director of 10 Cloverfield Lane. Now, Travis Knight, a director who has proven he can take dead franchises and breathe life back into them, i.e. Bumblebee has left the project. This comes as a result of Tom Holland’s schedule for his upcoming Spider-Man movie.

Considering these are both Sony projects, it is hard to believe that the dates would be conflicting, and even given the benefit of the doubt, why would Sony keep Tom Holland on when Travis Knight is clearly the more adept resource? Seems like this story is a smokescreen to a deeper-rooted issue with The Uncharted movie. Only time will tell, let’s just hope this isn’t another Flash situation.


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